Magoo’s California Pizza

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Project Description

Our Approach

Magoos California Pizza is a leading pizza chain that has a large fan base following. After looking at the client’s requirements, we opted to use our customized CMS for the website’s redesign purpose. Vibrant images were portrayed to express the brand’s provided services while enhanced call to action icons gave visitors the opportunity to place orders with ease.


To give a leading industry designed website package for an already established food and beverage providing company; targeted towards attracting new clientele whilst enhancing the brand’s identity in an already competitive market.


We underwent thorough research of the market to gain a holistic impression of where the brand’s niche fits in today’s time. The end result comprises of a modern and innovative website redesign that is developed to attract both old and new consumers. The website is fully responsive over all platforms, designed to overcome the current industry standards using the best marketing approach.